BEKA – Global Civic Movement Banned Awramba Times editor July 9, 2013 BEKA – Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia


July 5th 2013

After extensive deliberation and evaluation of the available facts, the Executive Council of Beka -Global Civic movement for change in Ethiopia, has determined that Ato Dawit Kebede of Awramba Times has and continues to engage in activities that are clearly intended to sabotage the Opposition’s movement and struggle against the ethnic-dictatorship of the TPLF.

Furthermore, the Council is convinced that Ato Dawit Kebede is indeed an operative of the TPLF and that his mission is to leverage the tremendous trust and acceptance that he has  “earned” as a member of the “free press” and the Ethiopian Opposition in order to subvert the Opposition’s struggle.  This is evident in the numerous misinformation campaigns that he, and Awramba Times, has been launching against opposition groups; and most recently, his relentless attack against ESAT, Ginbot 7, and many more prominent Opposition groups and leaders.

We would like to underscore the following facts for the record:

  • The Beka Movement considers ESAT, Ethiopian Register, ECADF, Ethiomedia, EthioFreedom, etc.  to be integral part of the Ethiopian opposition movement.
  • The Beka Movement is a coalition of individual activists from various opposition movements; political parties, civic, cultural, and religious organizations.  What brings us together is our commitment to do away with the TPLF’s ethnic-dictatorship and to bring about a free and Democratic Ethiopia.

Brief facts and timeline

  • less than 18 months ago, Ato Dawit Kebede was literally working very closely with ESAT.
  • He was given the utmost support by ESAT’s staff and management.
  • He was recognized as a hero during ESAT’s 2nd  anniversary; given standing ovation.
  • Upon Dawit’s arrival in the USA, ESAT’s staff, along with other activists and opposition group leaders, have taken care of his financial needs for several months, until he got established.
  • He was highly regarded and trusted by activist, reporters, and those that lead opposition groups.
  • He was invited to personal/family gatherings of the very opposition leaders that he now “leaks” illicitly obtained information/recordings about.
  • We have direct knowledge  of an incident that took place only a few months ago during a family gathering – at a graduation party at the residence of one of the opposition leaders.  Ato Dawit Kebede was one of the invited guests at the intimate family gathering.  At one point one of the guests observed Ato Dawit videotaping the host, and the guests who were celebrating the happy occasion totally unaware of the illicit videotaping Ato Dawit was conducting.  The person that witnessed this act confronted Dawit and demanded that he stop.  Embarrassed, Dawit responded by saying “it’s because I am a Tegrea”; to that, the individual responded, “I don’t care if you are Irish,… stop this disrespectful act.”  Needless to say, Ato Dawit stopped.

Now, considering past events and what has been unfolding in the last several months, we have reason to believe that Ato Dawit Kebede had ample opportunity to facilitate the “positioning” of TPLF’s surveillance capabilities at the private residence and offices of a number of opposition movements and their leaders, including media organizations, by leveraging the trust and confidence that was given to him without reservation.

As a forum established to bring activists together, it is our duty to identify and weed out the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” from amongst us.    Accordingly, Ato Dawit Kebede is no longer allowed to post using this forum. Furthermore, we ask members of this forum to alert others of Ato Dawit Kebede’s (and Awramba Times’) illicit activities against the opposition on behalf of the TPLF.

Beka Executive Council.



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I wish to see democratic ethiopia.
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