BBC news on Little Ethiopia in Washington DC June 12, 2013 by Tedla Asfaw

Dear BBC,

I read your magazine and watched the clip above and as one of the estimated “millions” fleeing Ethiopia in the last 22 years years it is not at all the Independence of Eritrea in early 1990s the cause of the 250,000 Ethiopians residing in Washington DC, as your clip suggested. In fact many Eritreans in the diaspora went back home to enjoy their new freedom in 1990s. Many Ethiopians,however, were forced to leave because of their country ruled by anti Ethiopia alliance of TPLF and Isaias Afeworki warlords.Little Ethiopia: African diaspora who call US capital home

The late Meles led TPLF and Isaias Shabia anti Ethiopians rampage made life difficult especially to educated Ethiopians. Until the Badme war of 1998-2000 the Eritrean and TPLF alliance was the major cause for the swelling of the Ethiopian Diaspora all over the world. Quite to the contrary the Eritreans in the Diaspora who were refugees during Mengistu Hailemariam brutal rule for 17 years went back to Asmara and Addis Ababa to enjoy their “freedom”.

After Badme War many Eritreans flee Isaias in large numbers and their numbers is exploding similar to that of Ethiopians in the 1990s. The Ethiopian refugee population kept on increasing and is estimated more than 2 million in the last 22 years of rule of Ethiopia by ehtno apartheid system of TPLF.

D.C. Little Ethiopia can not be explained by Ethiopians switching from being Ethiopians back to Eritreans. For us both Ethiopians/Eritreans have much in common than what separate us. Unfortunately the name Little Ethiopia for some Eritreans is threatening.


Tedla Asfaw
New York



About Legesse Habtegiorgis

I wish to see democratic ethiopia.
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