Emperor Haileselassie never accepted demarcation with Sudan: Scholar

SILVER SPRING, Maryland (Ethiomedia) – The statement made by the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi that Emperor Haileselassie’s government had agreed with the Sudan to accept the demarcation by Major Gwynn in 1903 and 1909 is false, a prominent Ethiopian told a group on May 18 here in Silver Spring, MD.

Alemante G. Selassie, a law professor, told the Ethiopian Border Affairs Committee (EBAC) meeting on May 18-19, 2013 that the Ethiopian government had always rejected the unilateral decision made by Major Gwynn on behalf of Britain, which was the colonial master of Sudan at the time.

“The 1972 Exchange of Notes between Ethiopia and Sudan didn’t accept Gwynn’s demarcation. On the contrary, the Notes clearly provide and call for the re-demarcation of the boundary starting from Mount Daglish to the Setit River,” Prof. Alemante said.

The distinguished Ethiopian scholar said the Notes also call for what it refers to as “minor rectifications” of the boundary south of Mount Daglish.

“It’s quite clear that no Ethiopian administration has in the past accepted Gwynn’s line. It is the EPRDF government that for the first time declared its acceptance of the Gwynn line. This position is not only a treasonous and shameful act, but also a radical departure from the attitude and patriotism of previous Ethiopian rulers,” Prof. Alemante said.




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