Gov’t to start new campaign on “Let our Voice be Heard” organizers

(ESAT News) May 1, 2013 – Instead of solving the tension and ongoing peaceful protests of Ethiopian Muslims that hasEthiopian Muslims has been, for more than a year now, holding protests become a threat to the regime, the Ethiopian government is going to arrest high and mid level organizers of the protests from each locality.  It is also planning to sue them on alleged link with terrorist organizations, reliable information to ESAT  from high level government official states.

Loyal cadres of the regime will soon start taking part in a training that will be held in Tolay and Birshelko training centers for this same purpose. These trainees, who will be composed of community members, Kebele and Party members, will suspects behind the movement and pass their details to officials.

The government’s focus is on university and high school teachers, business people, and students of local Islamic schools. Our sources also stated that identified leaders of the “Let our Voice be Heard” Movement are already under surveillance by the government.

Those that would be arrested are reportedly going to be charged of putting the constitutional order in danger and of being “agents of the Ginbot 7 Movement”. Those that are found in Oromia Region will be charged of being “agents of the OLF and various extremists”.

Although the government arrested Abubaker Ahmed, the leader of the “Let our Voice be Heard” Movement with the hope of quelling the Movement, the protests have not stopped so far. Thus, it is set to once again arrest those that are suspected of leading the Movement from each locality.

The Official said to ESAT that top leaders of the ruling Front have been worried of the Movement of Ethiopian Muslims that the religious protests might change into broader political struggle. The complexity of the issue is also in that most Muslim officials and members of the ruling Front sympatize with the “Let our Voice be Heard” Movement.


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