Wild celebrations as news of the formation of a crack guerrilla group reach South Africa!

Ethiopia: Wild celebrations in South Africa

The Horn Times Breaking News, 21 December 2012
by Getahune Bekele, Johannesburg

“Tekebresh yenorshiw babatochachin dem,”

Enat Ethiopia yedeferesh yewdem,”

The patriotic song made famous by the incomparable Ethiopian singer Shambel Belayneh was on everyone’s lips on

GPF, Ginbot 7 popular Force fighters on the move.

GPF, Ginbot 7 popular Force fighters on the move…

Saturday morning 21 December 2012, when the Horn Times visited the bustling GP street in central Johannesburg where Ethiopian refugees usually gather in large numbers.

“President Jacob Zuma, it is time to return the favor, help our freedom fighters…” an excited Ethiopian refugee shouted at a passing police van while his friends whistle and scream “freedom! Freedom!”

“The day 90 million Ethiopians patiently waited for has finally arrived.

And the long walk to freedom begins now. Begging for freedom from a homicide maniac has come to a grinding halt. This is the way to go if we want to break the bondage of slavery.” Henock Alemayehu, 24, a college student in the city of Pretoria told the Horn Times, smiling ear to ear.

As the announcement of the formation of the guerrilla group spread throughout South Africa like wildfires, GPF was also showered with congratulatory messages and some freedom loving refugees even pledged financial assistance.

Here in South Africa, many exiles believe the announcement would trigger a mass defection from non-Tigre members of the brutal TPLF army and the regime would collapse sooner than expected.

The Ethiopian community association in South Africa spokes person also lauded the formation of the GPF as a milestone in the struggle against the rapacious minority junta and sent out his message of congratulations to Ginbot-7 opposition party leaders.

“The announcement of the formation of Ginbot 7 Popular Force, GPF, is like sweet melody to the ears of millions of Ethiopians. Attempting to talk peace with fascist warlords for 21 years had proved a total waste of time. It is time to talk to them with the only language they understand.” The spokesperson said.

“Deadly inter tribal clashes; hunger and disease are still blighting our country .Arbitrary arrest, torture and extrajudicial killings are perfectly legal. While the junta receives billions of dollars in foreign aid, material poverty is driving thousands out of the country. Ethiopia is nothing but the world’s biggest open air prison. To end all this, Ethiopia doesn’t need myopic political parties, we need crack guerrilla groups and GPF is the answer. It will carry the hopes and aspirations of 90 million Ethiopians.” The spokesman added.

Furthermore, a military analyst from Addis Ababa- Ethiopia told the Horn Times that if GPF fighters hit any area in the vast nation and hold on to a village or a town for few days, the brutally oppressed Ethiopians will rise against the junta.

“Look, in the TPLF army one platoon has 3 ethnic Tigre commanders and one Tigre political commissar. In one squad (9 solders) there is one Tigre commander and two gujjiles who are spying and watching the performances of contracted non- Tigre solders. That is why am saying if GPF fighters score even a miner victory, these unhappy solders will turn their guns on their commanders.” He explains.

In additional news, concerned Ethiopians in South Africa have called on Ethiopatriot website to stop demonizing respected opposition party leaders such as Dr Berhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsige.

“Patriots doesn’t call fellow patriots ‘traitors’, we know some great Ethiopians associated with the Ethiopatriot group. Let’s not fragment ourselves. Let’s slain the evil behemoth in Aratkilo together. Let’s rally around GPF.” The Ethiopians said.




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