Ethiopian top musician Teddy Afro denies writing a song for Zenawi

The Horn Times Newsletter-August 31, 2012

Ethiopian top musician Teddy Afro denies writing special head banger for the late authoritarian ruler

by Getahune Bekele

In his recent hit titled the black man, Tewodros Kassahun a.k.a Teddy Afro once again captured the soul of theEthiopian top musician Teddy Afro denies writing special song for Meles Zenawi tyrannized nation, and speaking in riddles through his revolutionary songs, delivered the message of change and hope to the Ethiopians with subtlety and genius sophistry.

Despite serving two years in jail for no crime, muzzled for repeatedly exposing the ruling juntas’ Machiavellian scheme of dismantling the motherland, Teddys’ tyranny- repellent drums never go silent in submission.

However, in the past seven days, the singer grabbed the headlines for all wrong reasons as pernicious allegations of him writing a song for Zenawi surfaced. A risqué story that threatened to recede his iconic status.

His business managers nonetheless reacted with anger to the damaging allegation, which could easily bankrupt Teddy Afro.

Even when confronted with the evidence that the controversial song titled beyond the grave is on YouTube, Adica communications manager Serkalem Tafese told Finote Nestanet local newspaper that..
“This song was released two years ago. I have seen the music video too, but we don’t know who produced it.”

Teddys’ business manager Zakarias Getachew also vehemently denied the song being re-written but admitted to Finote Netsanet tabloid that the popular singer did go to the palace to pay his respects to the late warlord.



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