Zenawi’s silly daughter spotted enjoying the nightlife of Brussels

The Horn Times News Letter – July 23, 2012
by Getahune Bekele

Nick named the Queen of bling by the youth of Addis Ababa, the controversial and scandal-prone Semehal MelesZenawi’s silly daughter spotted enjoying the nightlife of Brussels (pictured) has dominated the blissful nightlife of Addis – wood for the past 10 years. Every Fridays and Saturdays, she has been a common site in bars and restaurants of Addis with her eight bodyguards in the pitch-black Jeep Cherokee.

However, since her father became bed ridden, the Knave disappeared from the public eyes like most Tigre warlords and TPLF top dogs, only to appear at Brussels’ famous bar, Chausses de Waterloo, on Saturday July 21,2012.

As she is a woman of depraved appetites, Ethiopians would remember Semehal Meles Zenawi, as a tippler with penchant for good whiskey and for her flippant remarks. Even some TPLF elders have been accusing the tyrant’s daughter of bringing dishonor to their party and to her father’s ruling Tigre clan.

She was spotted in Brussles, too inebriated to walk, by a 39 years old Ethiopian engineer based in Barcelona, Spain.

“Am here on holiday until next week, I bumped to Shemehal and her two male body guards on Saturday mid-night at de waterloo. A conspicuous palace frequented by crème de la crème of Europe. “Says the engineer who wishes not to be named for fear of reprisal attack on his family back home.

“Obviously she had too much to drink and I noticed her only when her hand bag fell, knocking over a full bottle whiskey during a scuffle with one of her body guards. Apparently he was trying to get her in to the waiting taxi, while she tries to resist, muttering obscenities with cigar between her lips.”

The engineer further told the Horn Times that when he approached them to help, the bodyguards got nervous and snapped at him.

“They hurriedly left before the lavish fete ended. I couldn’t even take a picture.”

Asked if he detect signs of sorrow or mourning on Semehal’s face, the holiday maker laughed and replied “absolutely not”

“Nonetheless I noted the younger bodyguard paling and nearly freezing to immobility when I greeted them. You could see that all is not well. As for Shemahal, you will never find her sober over weekends.” Concludes the Ethiopian.



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